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Relax and enjoy your Makeup, and Photography Experience all caught on film! We capture the keepsake moments and render them to a digital file for your convenience.

Photo Shoot Session


    Are you tired of changing diapers ? Or better yet, tired of buying expensive "pull ups" while watching your money go down the drain? Then this step by step guide is for you! I'm Chaka Cotton, Wife, Mother of 6 children, and Beauty Entrepreneur who wears many hats. If your anything like me (needing 32 hour days LOL) then this guide will bring you great help ! Time is an asset that doesn't need to be wasted on dirty diapers. Your child can be fully potty trained in just weeks! This Potty Training system is what I used for all 6 of my children who wore "real underware" by the age of 1.5yrs old. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!

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